Care Advice - Carbon Steel

Carbon steel pans often comes with a beeswax protection coating. Wash the pan in hot water before seasoning.

A carbon steel pan requires seasoning, this process bonds cooking oil to the surface, making it nonstick. Good alternatives are rapeseeds or flaxseed oil, as they have a high focal point.

When seasoning make sure there is good ventilation. Use a piece of cloth to moisten the frying surface with oil. Heat the pan on medium heat. Apply thin layers of oil until the frying surface becomes shimmering black. Let the pan cool off before removing excess oil with hot water and a brush.

Avoid acidic ingredients like lemon juice, vinegar, white and red wine, as this risks removing the natural coating.

Remember to always use cooking fat in the pan, a smaller amount can be used when the pan is properly seasoned. Carbon steel reacts quickly to heat changes, making it the perfect frying pan.

The pan works on all heat sources including induction and oven up to 230°C.
Do not leave the pan in water as this can cause rust. If rust would occur, scrub the affected area with a washing sponge. Apply oil afterwards to recreate the nonstick.

NOTE! If the pan is used on a heat source that is smaller than its bottom or is heated up to quickly it might be deformed.