The Kitchen Towel

The kitchen towel is a true essential, just as important as solid cutting board or a sharp knife. A kitchen knife is plain, usually white, often stripe and very utilitarian. They are absorbent and durable and you should have more than one.
So how to use your kitchen towels? Here are a few moves that are good to know.

The Swoosh - When you are done chopping, cutting or slicing and quickly want to clean your cutting board. Just grab your towel and swoosh the clutter away.
The Swipe - When cooking you will also need a clean knife. Use your towel to swipe it clean, saves you time and water.
The Grab - A Kitchen towel is also great to use for grabbing hot pans, casseroles and other hot stuff.
The Antislip - A damp towel is great to place under your cutting board to prevent it from slipping when working on it.